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The Indie Network is XpoNorth’s network for indie / self-publishing authors. The network provides on-going, informal, information and advice with direct input from industry specialists. Between video interviews with experts and live video chats, IndieNetwork also gives indie authors the the opportunity to connect and share their insights, knowledge and activities.

The IndieNetwork offers a friendly Facebook group, video interviews, and other events and links. Combined, this will enable you to discuss your work, get a chance to catch up with news, and connect with other authors. Please note, the Facebook group is a closed group, please go to the page and ask to join.

In addition, the Indie Network will hold live network events throughout the Highlands and Islands – watch the Facebook page for details, join our newsletter, and follow us on twitter (@emergentwriters) and through #indienetwork tag.


In this Indie Network session, Peter Urpeth, Emergents’ Director (Writing & Publishing), talks Advanced Twitter Strategies with indie author and marketer, Ian Sutherland. Ian is the author of the Brody Taylor crime thriller series (here), and the author of Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors (here). In 2017 he launched a new author platform, SideKick (here) which enables and extends many of the techniques Ian developed in Advanced Twitter Strategies.

For those who work in other creative media, the techniques and approaches discussed in this video, and developed by Ian, are equally as valid and valuable.

Follow Ian on twitter: @iansuth & @ianhsuth


In the latest Indie Network session,  Peter Urpeth, Director (Writing & Publishing), Emergents and HIE’s XpoNorth network talks to Ben Galley about his work and exciting plans for the future!

In this Indie Network session, Ben Galley talked to one of our own, Sarah Norquoy, who tells us about her blog, Norq From Ork, and how she’s building success.

In this month’s Indie Network, Ben Galley gave us  the lowdown on creating content ideas, and amplifying them via email, social media and a website.

In January’s Indie Network, Ben Galley talked to Peter Urpeth, Director (Writing & Publishing), Emergents and HIE’s XpoNorth network in writing & publishing in the creative industries.

Peter and Ben discuss key issues in the state of publishing, and in indie authorship, with a few aspirations for the indie authors in 2017!

In November’s IndieNetwork, Ben chatted to award-winning author, poet, and founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors – Orna Ross. They talk about the importance of community as an indie author, and some of the great work organisations like ALLi do.

In October’s IndieNetwork session, Ben Galley chatted to professional editor Andrew Lowe about the necessity of editing, the process, and what it’s like from the professional side.

For the IndieNetwork session on 29 September, Ben Galley spoke with indie bestseller Adam Croft, they talked about marketing, schedules and the benefits of short form fiction.

This Indie Network online session took place on Thursday 28th April when Ben was joined by author Michael J Sullivan ( View a recording of the session below:

On 26th May, Ben Galley was joined by Ricard Fayet of Reedsy (, watch the recording of this session below:

The July Indie Network session took place on 28th July,  Ben was joined by Mark Ecob on the show. Mark is a professional cover designer who has worked with the likes of Iain Banks, Bloomsbury, Harper Collins and Orion. Watch a recording of the session below.