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Emergents supports the development of writing and publishing in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

xpowritingThe Highlands and Islands of Scotland have a unique place in the literary history and culture of Scotland, and today the region is home to some of Scotland’s finest writers and publishing businesses.

Emergents works  to develop writing and writers with real commercial potential in the contemporary publishing, self-publishing and digital industries, and aims to assist the growth and sustainability of the publishing sector in the region.

We achieve our aims through the provision of a wide range of programmes and projects for writers, including:

  • Our highly acclaimed, professional critical assessment service ‘Work In Progress’;
  • Individual support through tailored, short and intensive mentoring partnerships;
  • 1-2-1 meetings with writers to discuss support and training needs and to provide tailored development services;
  • Information and advice on opportunities for writers;
  • Genre showcasing projects with leading literary agents;
  • Networking events and promotions

For publishers – we are developing a new range of services focussed on international promotion, showcasing, translation and skills development – watch this space for details.

You can find full details of all our services and projects for writers in the writing section menus and in our news and events listings.

Bright light of education

Please note: Our core services – WIP, Mentoring and 1-2-1 meetings – are available only to writers over the age of 18 living in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Our services are not available to those in full time education living outside of the region, or to those living in the region in full time or part time education that includes creative writing as a subject or module. Events and submission-only projects are available to all writers living in the region in accordance with the individual terms of each project.


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If you’d like more information to discuss how Emergents might be able to help you, please e-mail Peter Urpeth:

[email protected]

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Our work is funded by HIE (through European ERDF funds) and Emergents is a key part of HIE’s support strategy for the creative industries in the Highlands and Islands.  


Emergents aims to provide writers with the kind of support, connections and networks that can make a real difference to their writing careers and to the projects they are nurturing.