Case Study:
Hazel Passmore – Go & See: Enamelling Course

Jewellery designer Hazel Passmore of HP Jewellery recently received Go and See Funding from Emergents to attend an enamelling course with Vanilla Ink in Glasgow on 10th & 11th June.

Here, she shares some photographs and thoughts from the day!

It was a weekend course learning the magic of enamelling! We looked at traditional techniques such as Sgraffito, Plique a jour and Cloisonné.  It entailed learning how to prepare the metal for enamelling, the different types of enamel and the use of the kiln with regard to these – stencilling, stamping and graphite with enamel as well as other effective techniques.

For me it was a time to experiment and learn a technique I missed out on at college.  I have a kiln in my own studio so intend to explore this technique further and design a new collection, introducing colour into my work.

Hazel Passmore, June 2017