Case Study:

This March Emergents supported Fiona Baillie to attend events we were organising in Kirkwall, Orkney. 

Read below Fiona’s report of her time at these events: 

I attended the Emergents one day ‘Recipe for Success’ in Kirkwall, Orkney with the intention to get a better understanding of what is required to run a craft business.

Currently I am working alongside my father Alan Baillie who is a silversmith and jeweller based in Inverness, he has been making and selling his work for 25 years but I wanted to find out if there was ways that I could open up his work to a larger audience.

I had seen the event advertised I was really keen to attend but thought it would be difficult to justify travelling such a long way. So, it was a great relief to discover that it was possible to apply for a travel bursary. It was such an easy process, all I had to do was fill in an application form and send it off. Pamela and Avril were very helpful and granted me the bursary that allowed me to travel up.

The event itself was great. It was really interactive, we were encouraged to explain our goals for the future and any worries and issues we were having and then Carol and Helen talked about ideas of how to tackle these issues and break it down into smaller tasks. Hearing other peoples worries and problems that they had overcome it allowed me to see parallels in my father business, it was a great exercise to spark ideas that I could bring back.

Carol broke down the bigger issues that might occur in a creative business so they became smaller more manageable tasks. She explored really great practical tips about how to manage time and focus your efforts in your company. The process really ignited my confidence that making a success of a creative business was possible.

Pamela and Avril, from Emergents talked about the many opportunities that were available. I learnt that there are loads of free resources and events happening all the time that provide valuable guidance about how to make a success of a craft business that I just had no idea about. It was great to learn about the extensive resources and opportunities.

We then heard from Patricia Niemann who gave a really honest and frank talk about the challenges she had faced to get where she is. It was great to hear that she had come through some real difficulties but had still managed to set up a successful and creatively rewarding business. Patricia emphasised the importance of continually improving on your skills and allowing your creativity to flow, it was great the hear this now know about the many opportunities that were available through Emergents.

I loved being able to get in touch with other people who are working towards similar goals and facing the same issue. It was really inspiring to hear about the different ways people were approaching these issues and how they had overcome them.

I left feeling hugely enthusiastic about the future and highly recommend people to go to any events put on by Emergents.

Fiona Baillie, March 2017