Case Study:
Christine Berrie – Go and See: Scone Game Fair

Earlier this month, Emergents supported Christine Berrie who runs her own bespoke leather company Berrie Leather in Lochaber to attend Scone Game Fair in Perthshire, read her report below of her time at the event.

Christine Berrie
Scone Game Fair, 30 June, 1 & 2 July 2017
Go and See Report 

The initial set up for the game fair was on the Thursday night giving you a good few hours to get your stand set up ready for the weekend. It was really helpful being able to take your car right up to the doors of the 3D2D craft marquee to unload although this was only allowed on the Thursday evening and Friday morning. If you needed to replenish your stock after this time you had to carry it to your stand from the car park which is quite a long way especially if it has been raining and the ground is thick with mud.


Inside the craft tent the floors have been covered with wood panelling which helps to keep everything clean and each stand has been supplied with an electricity point. Tables are also provided if required but these do have to be pre-booked along with any chairs that you need.

3D2D offer two types of stand, you can either hire an open site which has the area marked out on the floor and you need to set up within these guides or you can hire a site with back and side walls giving you your own individual shop space. I opted for the site with grid walls so that I could use them for hanging items.

Your shop space is booked by the foot, I opted for 6’ of frontage but found that this wasn’t quite wide enough to keep people’s attention as they were passing by. The stand opposite me was selling really cute felted slippers that caught everyone’s attention so by the time they had looked at the slippers, taken 3 or 4 steps they had passed me by before turning their heads to look the other way so you definitely need to have more frontage or something on your stand that really grabs everyone’s attention.


The aisles are quite wide so there is quite a bit of space for people to get around without feeling rushed or pressured to move on.

The level of products in the 3D2D craft tent did appear to be of quite a high quality and the stall holders all seemed to make quite an effort to display their stands and products in the best way possible giving the whole marquee quite an up-market feel.

Although the quality of the products appeared to be of a high standard I didn’t think this was reflected in the selling prices of the majority of the stall holders making it that bit harder for those that I felt had priced at a more realistic level.

The show did appeal to a broad range of customers bringing in the people that love browsing and are just passing the time but it also appealed to the people looking to spend.

At the end of each day most people covered their tables with a sheet or clipped a sheet across the front of their walled stand creating a fabric barrier so they could leave their stock in situ. Combined with the on site security it did provide a level of comfort knowing your stock was reasonably safe overnight. Those with higher priced jewellery etc did actually remove their stock at the end of each day.

Looking back on the weekend and taking into account the comments from customers and stall holders both inside and outside the craft marquee I think this would be a good venue to return to for the type of products that I have. However, next time I would aim to do it on a much larger scale with a lot more stock and a wider range of price points.

Christine Berrie, Berrie Leather
July 2017