Dream Plan Do Has Launched

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The Design Trust have just launched: DREAM PLAN DO –  the 12 months planner journal for craft & design businesses that want to succeed. 

If you want to find out what Dream Plan Do is all about! If you are excited then just click on this link, and be one of the first to join.

Patricia from The Design Trust has listened to feedback from last year and made some changes for 2018:

  • They have got two gorgeous new covers in cool aqua blue or golden ochre with stripes, and they come as a softback or a more durable hardback, and as an A5 or A4. With the hardback you will get a golden elastic all around, and two bookmarks too! The covers are very soft touch and very stroke-able (if that’s a word to use for a journal)!
  • Instead of 3 juicy annual goals they now focus more on quarterly planning with 90-day goals. This will help you to create & keep more momentum throughout the year! Did you know that 90 days is the perfect time to make a big change? It’s scientifically proven to be long enough to make a difference but also short enough to keep you excited to want to move forward. Plus each quarter you can decide on a new juicy goal or continue to build on what you have achieved already!
  • They start with ‘The Big Picture’ to really lay the foundations for the year, with exercises around your long term vision, your values and how to make time for the things that really matter to you. The thought-provoking exercises and simple-looking questions will really help you to create a more purposeful and meaningful life and business for yourself in 2018, rather than being busy with busy work!
  • They have introduced quarterly reviews, starting with one of the favourite exercises from last year, the Wheel of Business, to give you a quick health check on how your business is working and what needs work. We have now also added a Wheel of Life, to check in on your mental and physical health and more, as YOU are so important to your business success! These two visual exercises will help you to reflect every quarter and they will help you to create better quarterly plans with monthly actions for your creative business and clients. More focused on what you really want, and less ‘running around like a headless chicken’.
  • Each month still follows the same topics as last year. Starting with setting goals for the year 2018 and your finances, they will look at what you really do and who your clients are, then they go into branding and creating your collection, selling to trade and online, and then towards your launch in the Autumn, events and making the most of Christmas. Some exercises are still there, others they have changed or deleted to keep it as challenging but stress-free as possible. They don’t name the months any longer, but number them as they still follow the same 12 months principle as that’s how the market flows for most craft and design businesses!
  • At the end of the year there is a Review of the Year for reflection. And they have moved the end-of-the-month reviews for your finances, marketing and social media to the back so that you have a clearer overview and can keep track visually too … without scaring you by having to do it every month!
  • And they have added a handy index at the back to find solutions to your problems quicker and makes for easy dipping-in-and-out.

Dream Plan Do is for ambitious creative businesses that want to get more serious about their business and want help with turning their big ideas into action. It’s for new businesses to help you identify your gaps in knowledge and focus on the things that really matter so that you will create a more sustainable and remarkable business much faster. It’s for more established creative businesses that are at crossroads, who want a boost in creativity and marketing, who want to make time to reflect or simply want to grow their business effectively in 2018.

And do you want more expert support from Patricia of The Design Trust and accountability? Then join the Dream Plan Do VIP club! You will get the hardback cover as standard plus a whole range of extra goodies, including 1 hour/month online training from me + 1hour/month a group Q&A or clinic with Patricia online. A great and affordable opportunity to get more real life feedback and advice from Patricia! And … it will encourage you to do the exercises and to make changes in your business! It’s a bit like joining the gym and having Patricia as your personal trainer to cheer you on!

Visit DREAM PLAN DO on Kickstarter today and get your planner journal in early December – in time for Christmas.