Cove Park Literature Residencies 2018

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In 2018 Cove Park will award a minimum of three funded Literature Residencies for writers established in their field of between one to three months each.

National (UK) and international artists are welcome to apply to this programme. In addition Cove Park will offer a four-week residency for an Emerging Writer based in Scotland. Cove Park will also offer a minimum of one funded Translation Residency of four weeks.

For the Literature Residencies applications are invited from established writers in any of the following genres:

  • adult fiction
  • memoir
  • poetry
  • biography

Writers who cross or combine these genres are also welcome to apply.

To be eligible, writers should have published, with a traditional publisher, at least one book. Writers who are established with a strong track record in one genre and wish to develop or experiment in another where they are not established are welcome to apply.

Applicants for the Scottish Emerging Writer residency need not have published a book, but must show exceptional promise.

Applicants to the Translation Residency should have a commission to translate a Scottish book into their chosen language. ‘Scottish’ means the author who may be living or dead, was born or lives/has lived in Scotland, or the book takes Scotland as its central subject, or is published by a publisher based in Scotland.

Please note, the Residencies take place during May to September 2018 – within this period residency dates are negotiable.

The deadline for applications is 11 December 2017