Magfest 2017

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Magfest is Scotland’s biggest magazine event, with magazine publishers and enthusiasts coming from far and wide to be inspired by the international speakers, meet others in the industry and hear about the latest developments in the magazine world. This event takes place on 15 September in Edinburgh.

Magfest is built to help you think differently about your magazines and your business. This year’s theme is Heroes and Visions. Attendees at the event will be meeting heroes of the magazine industry and uncovering visions for the future.

This year’s line up includes: Ian Rankin, best-selling author; Zillah Byng-Thorne, Chief Executive of Future PLC; Alex Miller, Executive Creative Director of VICE UK; Ruth Mortimer, Director of the Festival of Marketing; James Hyman & Tory Turk, Curators of The Hyman Archive; John Brown, Founder of John Brown Publishing; Mark Neil, Art Director of Premium Magazines, The Telegraph; Alan Rutter and Simone Baird, Clever Boxer; new magazine speakers from Cable, Marbles, boom saloon & Word-o-Mat; and many more…

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