Anne Bevan – Walking the Sound

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A new exhibition opens at the Pier Arts Centre on Saturday 22 April. Anne Bevan Walking the Sound gathers together responses to Stromness’s West Shore through sculpture, drawing, print and a new video made in collaboration with Mark Jenkins.

Anne Bevan is artist in residence for Orkney: Beside the Ocean of Time, a multidisciplinary research project examining layers of time and change from a range of perspectives, from the slow geological shift of deep time to our more rapid human development and intervention.

Concentrating her activity on a section of the Stromness West Shore, Anne has selected a sample area, rich in geology, natural and social history, and a source of inspiration for many artists and poets.

Bevan commented “Thinking of being ‘Beside the Ocean of Time’ brought me back to a place which every Stromnessian (and many others from further afield) have walked – around the West Shore, with the constant cross currents and swell of Hoy Sound.”

She continued “No matter how familiar a place is to us, there are always new things to see, and new ways of seeing things. For me this project has been about exploring a very familiar place in many different ways. As well as walking, drawing and making, this has involved conversations with local experts, about geology, marine biology, energy and archaeology.”

The exhibition forms a central part of the Festival of Deep Time which will take place from Friday 21-Sunday 23 April with talks, events, workshops and fieldtrips throughout the weekend. As part of the Festival programme there will be an event on Sunday 23 April, 1-3pm, where members of the public can join Anne in ‘Walking the Sound’ and contribute their own experiences to this ongoing project.

A full programme for the Festival of Deep Time is available on our website

The project is a partnership between Falmouth University, University of Cambridge, University College London, University of Glasgow and Brunel University London and the Pier Arts Centre.

The Pier Arts Centre is open Tuesday-Saturday 10.30am-5.00pm. Admission is free.