Tweet Pitch Success

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PrintXpoNorth Writing and Publishing network’s second Scotland-wide Tweet Pitch too place on Friday 6th January with a high volume of traffic pitching ideas for novels and non-fiction books in just 135 characters (five characters had to be kept back for all-important hashtags).

The event is rapidly becoming a ‘must-do’ date in Scotland’s writing and publishing calendar. By 2.30pm on Tweet Pitch day, the hashtags were trending across Twitter.

XpoNorth’s Tweet Pitch attracted a lot of media attention and was highlighted in The Herald, The Evening Times, The Daily Record, The Inverness Courier, The Oban Times and more. On the morning of the Pitch, it was featured on BBC Radio Scotland’s flagship news programme, Good Morning Scotland.

We are currently working on collating a sea of data from the day’s activity. On the Tweet Pitch day, from 7am-midnight, writers across Scotland took the opportunity to pitch their work, and the response from agents and publishers mirrored the quality of the submissions. XpoNorth will be releasing precise figures indicating how many took part and how many ideas were pitched in the near future. Look out too for a case studies featuring those who have secured a new book contract or agent through the process.

The day was a joy to participate in with a real buzz of energy and creativity, showing once again the innovation and collaborative spirit there is to be found in Scottish writing and publishing.

Our thanks to partners Jenny Brown Associates and all the publishers and agents who participated to make this very real opportunity for Scotland’s writers such a joy and once again, such a success.