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This October, Emergents brought together 13 fashion and jewellery designers from throughout the Highlands and Islands to exhibit and sell their work at COVET at Craft Central in London. In the lead up to this event, we focused on each of the designers, to find out a little more about them and their work.


There is nothing ‘twee’ about Patricia Niemann’s work. It is extraordinary, contemporary and edgy. Originally trained as a goldsmith, most of her work is handcrafted fine jewellery. However, she will be showing some of her hats and scarves at Covet, too.

Jewellery by Patricia Niemann

Jewellery by Patricia Niemann

“The human body, its form, complexity and our need to adorn it, is my main focus. Anthropology, anatomy and medicine are often themes I work with. Drawing of the body and design drawing have always accompanied the quest.

Dragon Teeth Scarf by Patricia Niemann

Dragon Teeth Scarf by Patricia Niemann

A whole host of themes influence my work, but they are all related to fears connected to our body and seem to spell danger and drama. I am constantly working across art forms, but am always passionately concerned with good craftsmanship. All pieces are one-offs. Apart from

striking shapes, I have a keen interest in surface patterns and mark-making. Caithness, the tough, wild, dramatic and fascinating location in the Far North of Scotland is another major element in my work.

For COVET I chose fine jewellery and textiles along a contemporary ‘Viking’ theme, bold and thorny in apparition, but very wearable – and a little humorous. There will be unusual gemstones, alluring gold, silver and pearls – as well as felted hats with horns and luxurious knitted cashmere scarves.”

Patricia also makes jewellery on a more sculptural scale, some of which is currently on show at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. These pieces are made from big red deer antlers, with silver details and ornate gemstone settings.

Antlers made into a necklace with hammered silver wire and a garnet set into the base.

More information and a short film about her practice can be seen on the website of the exhibition ‘Hunting For Lost Crafts’

You can also find out more about Patty and her work by visiting:

Patricia’s collection of work will be on show and for sale at  COVET at Craft from 14 – 18 October – see full details below.

Patricia will also be there in person during the event, so it’s a great opportunity to meet with her and talk to her about her pieces.

Find out more about this event and the other designers who will be there by visiting: